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Our Objective

To promote advance knowledge of peritoneal dialysis and to promote advancement of such knowledge through national scientific meetings and scientific publications. The society is organised exclusively for educational and scientific purposes and advancement of peritoneal dialysis

The Association also may as circumstances dictate and as allowed by these laws expand its objectives:

    • To provide technical consultancy for peritoneal dialysis.

    • To contribute to manpower development, knowledge dissemination and promote public Awareness

    • To bring about intra and inter country communication for a better appreciation among the members and in between similar profession in other countries

    • To hold conferences, conventions, seminars and expositions in the stated fields of Peritoneal Dialysis

    • To consider or formulate opinions upon all questions connected with Peritoneal Dialysis

    • To maintain library of books or publications of technical interest so as to spread technical information or knowledge of Peritoneal Dialysis

    • To establish exhibition of products in connection with Peritoneal Dialysis.

    • To initiate social service among members

    • To construct premises for Association or alter or add or remove any such building.

    • To borrow or raise any finance required for the purpose of association upon such terms and matters and on such securities as may be required

    • To start training institutions and Diploma/Certificate Courses on Peritoneal Dialysis.

    • To publish magazine, pamphlets, newsletters in connection with the object of association

    • To develop/ explore various techniques of peritoneal dialysis.

    • To subscribe to associate with any co-operative or other associations whether incorporated or not, whose objects are wholly or partially identical with or similar to those of the Association.

    • The benefit of the object of association shall be extended to all General public irrespective of caste, creed, religion or sex.

    • To make upfront fee and other fee and expense fixed by the Government, Local Authority for holding the lease land.

Mission – Promoting Advance knowledge in Peritoneal Dialysis


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